Tuesday, August 12, 2003

Okay, it has been pointed out that a sonnet has fourteen lines, not ten as I used in my earlier attempt. (Thank you, Mykull . . . sorry, I haven't figured out how to do umlauts yet). Now, I've been writing sonnets for years. I've always written sonnets with 14 lines. Never a problem. So how the fuck did I wind up missing an entire quatrain in this one? And more importantly, why did no one notice and correct me? I know several of you are writers. Harrumph! Yes, that's right . . . I harrumphed at you.

A Sonnet For a Change (Take Two)
Perhaps the haiku form is not the best
For all the things that one would like to say
The phrases always sound a bit distressed
When squeezed into that rather odd array

What form is there to suit the thoughts I think
To bring them all into the higher realm
The choice of words and thoughts must be in sync
The rhyme must flatter, never overwhelm

A limerick, I guess, sounds immature
An ode's too lofty, few will understand
An epic poem nobody can endure
And elegies require a corpse at hand

But sonnets as a form are pure and bright
Though, Jesus Christ, they take so long to write

Once again, thank you Mykull. The rest of you . . . I'm very, very disappointed.

Oh, and go visit Mykull's website. He's funny and I want to steal Olive and Eli.

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