Friday, January 30, 2004

Had a lovely dinner last night at Morrell's with David, one of the rugby club's supporters. It's restaurant week or whatever they call it, basically loads of the really good, ritzy restaurants run $20 lunch and $30 dinner prix-fixe menus.

We had crawfish gumbo, Amish chicken and mashed potatoes, and butterscotch Napoleon. And a delicious bottle of Sauvignon Blanc.


Service sucked, but what can you do?

I'm not exactly sure what made the chicken Amish. I doubt if it was any particular religious conviction of the part of the chicken. I would imagine, given the wholesale slaughter of their kind, that most chickens would be atheist. Or at least agnostic. But then trouble didn't turn Job from God, so maybe the chickens are just really pious.

Or maybe to earn the name the chickens have to be driven to slaughter in a large, black eighteen-wheeler pulled by a team of horses?

Who knows? Damn tasty, though.
¡¡Flores!! ¡¡Flores para los muertos!!

Sad to see you go.
Stole this from Dewayne. It is from one of those sniglet-esque lists that circulate via e-mail every, oh, 9 or 10 seconds. I hadn't heard this one before, so I thought I'd post it. Especially since it reminds me of a couple of my friends (yeah, I mean you).

STRESS PUPPY: A person who seems to thrive on being stressed out and whiney.

Thursday, January 29, 2004

Last night was good fun. I met Stuff at the Web after work. Had four drinks with him and about my body weight in pretzels. I invited Bob, MAK, Mike, and PatCH to join us. MAK was at home (his snow day being used to plan his move), Bob was going to be getting a massage (happy ending?) and wasn't sure if he could make it. I didn't hear from PatCH or Mike.

Stuff and I had a good time watching the strippers, talking about his upcoming move, discussing work and travel and other fun things. Not long before we were going to leave, PatCH arrived, fresh from work. Well, naturally we couldn't leave him there since he had gone out of his way to join us, so we had a couple more drinks. Woo hoo!!!

I've got to say, everyone should give up alcohol for a couple of weeks just so we learn never to take it for granted.

It was a fun time and I really needed it. Unfortunately, now both of my movies that I rented have a late fee. Ah, well.

Wednesday, January 28, 2004

Well, I'm a little disappointed in my South Beach diet efforts. I stuck to the diet for the two-week induction phase (during which one can expect to lose between 6-10 lbs.); I lost 4 lbs.

I should be happy that I lost, but I'm pissed that I didn't lose more.

At least the diet is easy to stick to.

Now that the two-week phase is over, I've allowed myself to eat some treats. Yesterday, I had a Skor bar. Today I had mashed potatoes at lunch and two non-fat Dannon yogurts as snacks.

Tomorrow, I'm back to following the plan. I think I really need to work more on portion size. That and exercising.
The office is a little dead today since everyone who lives outside of Manhattan decided to stay home.


Well, what the hell, I'll get some work done . . . or blog. Hopefully both.

Since the insomnia was still going strong Tuesday night, I stayed up and read 'Razzle' by Ellen Wittlinger. It's a 'young adult' novel that was on sale for a dollar at Creative Visions, so I took a chance.

More than anything else, it made me realize that I really want to try to write something in this genre. Not because it was bad, because it wasn't. But because I found the characters to be so engaging and real. There were some problems with the book. Whenever the lead character makes references to movies or TV shows, they are ones that are unlikely to have been watched by a teenager today (Rebel Without a Cause, for instance). The only current TV show that was mentioned was Buffy and it was mentioned repeatedly as sort of the cultural touchstone that all teens would relate to. I think there could have been better choices. I also thought many of the minor, but important, characters were underdeveloped. By nature, I suppose, minor characters tend to be underdeveloped, but when those characters are necessary for the final 'revelation' scene, well, they should be given their due and written more realistically.

In addition to my reading adventures, I've been continuing this weekend's old movie theme. Tuesday night I watched 'The Women' which I'd seen bits of, but never the whole thing. What a hoot.

Last night I watched 'Never Give a Sucker an Even Break'. W.C. Fields' last starring role. In a way, this was like a 'best of' type movie. Best of Fields' routines. Best of vaudeville. Best of early Hollywood comedies. A lot of fun.

Tuesday, January 27, 2004

Someone found my site (a Canadian) running a search for "stalk market crash".

Oh, dear.
I just received an e-mail with the following subject line: Booty Bangin' Ebony Ho's for You.

Am I to assume that should be "Booty Bangin' Ebony Hoes for You"? Plural versus possessive.

Or is "Booty Bangin'" a modifier which is being used to differentiate between several different hoes? In which case, "ho's" would be a contraction for "ho is". For example, Q: Which ebony ho is mine? A: Booty Bangin' ebony ho's for you.

English is tough.
"Pope Tells Cheney U.S. Must Work for Peace"

Cheney responds by putting 83-year-old Pope in headlock and forcing him to declare George W. Bush Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire.
Somebody found my site by searching for "Brad Posey piss video".

And they say nobody has any class nowadays.

Monday, January 26, 2004

A great little Howard Dean thing (imagining him as a muppet) by way of Mykull.
Insomnia from hell last night. Didn't nod off until after 4:30 a.m. I feel like crap today. My stomach is hurting. I'm exhausted. All around bad juju.

And I have to do laundry when I get home.

I'm kind of miserable right now.

Sunday, January 25, 2004

Quote of the Day
During one of my treks through Afganistan, we lost our corkscrew. We were compelled to live on food and water for several days.
- Cuthbert J. Twillie (W.C. Fields) in 'My Little Chickadee'
Bit of a wasted weekend, I'm afraid. And not wasted in that good 'blitzed out of my mind way'. Still sober. Two weeks. Can't wait for this fucking induction phase to be over.

So anyway, Friday - I came home from work and went to bed. I got something like 14 hours sleep.

Saturday - saw a double feature of 'My Little Chickadee' and 'Blazing Saddles' at Symphony Space. 'Chickadee' was okay. Odd edits. Odd camera work. And with all due respect to everything she accomplished over the course of her life, Mae West just really wasn't a good actress. She was just, well, the Madonna of her day.

'Blazing Saddles,' however, was wonderful. I've seen it before, of course, but never in a movie theater. With a crowd. Amazing. Best damn time I've had at a movie in a long time.

Came home from that and thought I was getting together with Mike, who had joined me at the first movie, but he was nowhere to be found.

I went out with Stuff and a couple of his friends instead. We went to a couple of Hell's Kitchen bars (not the trendy ones). Good time, though we were all tired. After that, I went home to sulk and watch 'Family Guy'.

About 10 p.m., SB finally called. No getting together this weekend.

About 11 p.m., Brian called to ask where the hell I was. It seems I had forgotten that some of the rugby boys were going to Marie's Crisis to sing our little gay hearts out. I eventually met them, but I really wasn't in the mood for it. One, the annonying chorus-boy-wannabes were out in force. Two, every other song was a solo and it didn't take more than a couple of times being shushed by some drunk queen to make me want to hit someone. Three, I really wanted a drink. There's a four and five, too, but I think I'll keep them to myself.

Point being, not a fun evening.

Walked home in the cold. Bracing. Helped me get my head together.

Today. Well, truth be told I did absolutely nothing. I woke up really late. Read a book by Richard Matheson, 'Hell House', which was amazing. Went to the gym. Watched 'American Pie'. That's it.

My other bit of fun was reading 'The Little Book of Neuroses' by Michael Thomas Ford. He's always good for a chuckle. And he's really cute.

My other adventure in literature was reading . . . well, starting, 'In the Days of the Comet' by H.G. Wells. Herbert George is an acquired taste, rather like Dickens. Or more to the point, I suppose, Victorian literature on the whole is an acquired taste. Rather like Anne Rice entombed in snow. All the words, but none of the passion.

So I'm slogging on through it. The copy I'm reading from is a recent eBay purchase. Almost a hundred years old. I love old books. Just the thought of how many hands have touched them, how many minds they've touched in return.


Now I'm off to bed so I can get up early and do laundry.

Top o' the world, ma.

Friday, January 23, 2004

Hey, Palochi. I love your new car.
I'll admit that I'm a little disappointed at how few places I've been when you get right down to it. I got this from Jeff's site.

create your own visited country map

Thursday, January 22, 2004

After reading this, here is the conversation I imagined.

PH: Hey, Lance. Would you go over there and rough up my ex-boyfriend?

LB: Silly, I can't rough up anybody.

PH: Look, I'll let you go down on Nick.

LB: Be right back.

. . . and 'scene'.

Wednesday, January 21, 2004

And on a non-Bush related note, would someone please teach me how to load pictures into my blog and how to use that damn Blogrolling?


I promise you sexual favors beyond your little lustful heart's desires.
How am I doing?

Well, frankly, Ed . . . you suck.
Now THAT'S Humor

From an e-mail I received from a colleague today.

Here's a dilemma for you....

With all your honour and dignity what would you
do? This test only has one question, but it's a
very important one. Please don't answer it
without giving it some serious thought. By giving
an honest answer you will be able to test where
you stand morally. The test features an
unlikely, completely fictional situation, where
you will have to make a decision one way or the
other. Remember that your answer needs to be
honest, yet spontaneous. Please scroll down
slowly and consider each line - this is important
for the test to work accurately. You're in
Florida...In Miami, to be exact. There is great
chaos going on around you, caused by a hurricane
and severe floods. There are huge masses of water
all over you.

You are a CNN photographer and you are in the
middle of this great disaster. The situation is
nearly hopeless. You're trying to shoot very
impressive photos. There are houses and people
floating around you, disappearing into the
water. Nature is showing all its destructive
power and is ripping everything away with it.
Suddenly you see a man in the water, he is
fighting for his life, trying not to be taken
away by the masses of water and mud. You move
closer. Somehow the man looks familiar.

Suddenly you know who it is - it's George W.
At the same time you notice that the raging
waters are about to take him away, forever. You
have two options. You can save him or you can
take the best photo of your life.

So you can save the life of George W. Bush, or
you can shoot a Pulitzer prize winning photo, a
unique photo displaying the death of one of the
world's most powerful men.

And here's the question (please give an honest

Would you select color film, or rather go with
the simplicity of classic black and white?
Since my new raise will just cover getting high-speed internet access, I've decided to start looking into it. Anyone want to share their good/bad stories? I'm mostly looking for advice on which service to get in NYC.

Tuesday, January 20, 2004

Yep, this is me.

What Kind of Romantic Are You?

You're a sentimental romantic.

When it comes to romance, you're definitely wearing rose-colored glasses. Horse-drawn carriage rides, perfume-scented love letters, and multi-tiered wedding cakes all put you in a tizzy. You've been known to get weepy over long-distance telephone commercials and to sigh wistfully when you see an elderly couple holding hands. Your love of romance can sometimes get in the way -- like when you find yourself daydreaming about your wedding plans in the middle of a board meeting. And your infatuation with the traditional trappings of romance means that you sometimes fail to appreciate it when your man expresses his love in less flowery ways -- for example, by changing the oil on your car. But so long as you don't let yourself get too swept up in your champagne-and-roses fantasies, by all means enjoy those picture-perfect romantic moments.
Decent weekend, all things considered. I'm in a somewhat better mood today.

As I feared, I was up two pounds when I had my official weigh in today. Well, fuck it. I've managed to stay on the diet for a week without slipping up. I'll keep going and eventually the weight loss will fall in place.

Went out with Stuff yesterday evening. Went to the View, Splash Bar (which is the new name of the bar formerly known as SBNY, which was the name of the bar formerly known as Splash), then dinner at the Chelsea Grill. Good time. I always like hanging out with him. His apartment hunt seems to be going fairly well.

Stereo still isn't working, but Best Buy has this 300 CD unit on sale for $200. I get a little bit of a chub just thinking about it. I also want to get a turntable.

Just found out what my raise is for 2004. Not good. But then, some people didn't get raises, so I won't complain. Much.

I'm also getting the apartment in some semblance of order. Slowly but surely, it's beginning to look like the kind of place a grown up (albeit one with very childlike qualities) would live. Soon I can start having people over for dinner and movies.

And poker. God, I miss having poker nights with the boys.


Anyway, I supposed I'll get back to work. Or lunch. Yeah, lunch sounds much better.

Monday, January 19, 2004

Fucking awful mood today. Probably a lack of caffeine.

My stereo quit playing CDs for some reason. Rather than staying calm about it, I started smashing the top of it with my fist. Felt really good until I felt something in my wrist snap. It seems okay now.

Left a nice big dent in the stereo, though.

That makes three non-working stereos I have around the house. Or rather three stereos that won't play CDs. I'm trying to decide if I should take them to be fixed or just toss the lot and buy a new one. If anyone knows what I can do to make the CD player start working again (as long as it doesn't involve anything too technical), I'd appreciate hearing about it.

I need to go get some food. I'm waiting to have lunch with Stuff, but he's looking at apartments. I thought he'd have called by now, but no such luck.

On the up side, I'm down four pounds since starting the diet. Tomorrow is the official weigh-in day, so I'm sure I'll have gained back two of them by morning. My body likes to fuck me over like that.

I read a collection of Richard Matheson short stories last night. He is just amazing. Some of the best stuff I've ever read.

Anyway, enough rambling. Time to get a soda.

Sunday, January 18, 2004


Okay, things are better. He called. He had a really good excuse.

But it's going to be another fucking week until I see him.
After spending a wonderful afternoon with David, writing and drinking coffee and eating, I called SB to confirm our dinner and movie date for this evening.

I have yet to hear from him.

But it's only been two hours.

This sucks.

Saturday, January 17, 2004

Friday was officially the hardest day of the diet.

One of the secretaries brought donuts (as she always does on Fridays).

I went out drinking with MAK, Bob and Larry, and Mike'nDavid and their friends.

I went to dinner with MAK and Bob after the bar.

I ate no donuts. I drank no alcohol. I ate a salad.

Woo hoo. I passed.

Of course, I'm fucking miserable right now and I have a killer headache.

But overall, I had a lovely evening despite all of this. Bloggers are fun to party with. Even when I'm sober.

Friday, January 16, 2004

Read this, spit tea all over my keyboard when I started laughing, and felt the need to post it.

This point cannot be made often enough.
Odd benefits from the South Beach diet.

1) Not hungry. Really. I eat five times a day, decent portions. I have cravings out the wazoo, but I'm not hungry.

2) My heartburn/reflux is gone. Completely gone. Weird.

3) I've lost two pounds. If I hadn't lost anything today I would have strangled someone. Preferably someone from South Beach.

4) None of that Atkins 'walking dead' feeling. The energy level is pretty high.

5) The insomnia has gone away . . . for good, I hope.

News on the SB front, we're going out on Sunday. Later in the day so I can have my Sunday writing time with David and he can watch his football games.

Tonight is the long delayed happy hour(s) with Bob and MAK (with possible special guest appearances by David, Rob and Mike'nDavid). Can't hardly wait. If anyone wants to join us, we'll be at Barrage at 6:30 or so.

What else? What else?

Oh, yeah. I talked to Zenchick yesterday. As in talked on the phone. Though we didn't have time to chat (we're both busy girls . . . um, as it were), I was pleased to hear that she sounds just like one of my best friends from high school. Pleasant and reassuring.

It always makes my day to put a voice or a face with a fellow blogger. As I've mentioned before, I already feel like I know many of these folks. The power of the written word.

Let's see. I'm thinking of going to Symphony Space and seeing 'A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum' tomorrow. I've never seen it on the big screen and it might be fun. Or I might clean my apartment for Sunday's SB encounter.

Ah, the limitless possibilities that my life holds.

Thursday, January 15, 2004

Just got stood up by SB.


Wednesday, January 14, 2004

Anyone know what's up with LMGTS? There hasn't been an update in over a month.

Not much to report on my end. Second day of South Beach. I'd probably be willing to inflict grave bodily harm on someone for nothing more than an Oreo. Other than that, not too bad. But I don't see how I'm going to lose any weight on this program. I'm still eating quite a bit of food. Just no processed carbs.

Have any of you tried this diet? If so, let me know what it was like for you.

Tomorrow night is my first official date with SB. Nervous/excited. Any suggestions of things to do? Movies, restaurants, sex clubs (joking)?

Tuesday, January 13, 2004

Wow. I really meant to post this weekend. And yesterday. Oh, well.

Friday - Soccer game. SB had nice legs. And I saw him shirtless. Mmmmm. He's a really good player, too. The game was pretty intense. His team won by a comfortable margin. There was one horrible injury; who would think that you could get hurt more playing soccer than rugby? One of the guys on the other team took a header into the wall (it was indoor soccer). Messed his face up good.

After the game, I went out with SB and the rest of the boys. Good time. They're a lot like the rugby guys and they're very good about making sure I wasn't being left out of the conversations. That was nice.

I've told our recruiting guy that he needs to come to some of the soccer events. They've got some guys who would be great on our team.

After dinner, SB drove me home before heading back to Jersey.

Saturday - Bored Board Meeting. Six hours and fifteen minutes. Horribly inefficient. But according to our Chairman/President, that was how he wanted it. He wanted ideas to flow and stew and . . . oh, who knows, some other new age crap. Point being, I'm very much a 'get to the point and don't stray off-topic' type. This kind of meeting was hell. I don't think I will ever reconcile myself to the types of meetings he wants, but I'm going to give it a try. And by that, I mean I'm going to shut up and doodle in my notebook whenever things get off-topic.

Then there was a party at his house. I went late; I had to get something accomplished at home since I hadn't in the meeting (I cleaned house . . . those of you who know me will understand the significance of this). The party was okay. More mellow than his normal parties (i.e. no nudity, no slings . . . I kid you not). And there was a really great mix of people. He has a lot of friends with a lot of different interests. There is always someone interesting to talk to at his parties.

I spent much of the evening catching up with my former teammate, Austin, who was in town. Good to see him.

I spent a great deal more of the evening talking to one of Brian's harem. The actor. Not bad talking theater with him, but he certainly is young. And like most people his age, he seems to know (or at least have an opinion about) everything. Was I ever like that? Nah.

SB had said he might drop by the party after his practice but he didn't. I worried about this with an intensity that would have made Faustus proud.

Sunday - writing with David at Rita's. This was great. A little chatting. A little writing. A little hot chocolate. Very nice. I worked on a poem and some other stuff. I think I'll bring my laptop and work on some of my plays next time. I'm determined to get something produced (or in rehearsals) this year.

SB called that night. We're going out (one on one this time) on Thursday. Woo hoo!

Yesterday - work, reading, cleaning. Based on David and Rob's success with the South Beach Diet, I've decided to give it a go. I bought the book and read it last night. Much more palatable than the Atkins diet. I can give up fruit for two weeks. I can't give up veggies, so this will be great. I just hope I have the same results that they did.

Rugby practice starts in a month.

That being said, it's time for lunch.

Friday, January 09, 2004

So to recap the last couple of days:

Wednesday, drinking with MAK, PatCH, a couple of MAK's friends, and one of my other friends. At Stella's. In my mind's eye, I see Stella's as this dark lounge full of hot Eastern European 'working boys'. Well, it sure didn't live up to it that night. Decor that you'd expect at the VFW. 'Working boys' who were working, but couldn't be called boys by any stretch of the imagination. And they looked like they'd been hit more than once with the ugly stick.

Ah, well. The drinks and the company were both good and plentiful.

Thursday, party at XL. Fun . . . for reasons that I've already mentioned.

Friday . . . tonight I'm going to a soccer game. I get to see SB in his soccer kit. I'm looking forward to it.

Saturday, we have board meeting that's scheduled for, I don't know, like, 18 hours or so. Oh, yeah. I'm psyched.

Not to sound all Jeff-like, but . . .

SB and I had our first kiss(es).

The rest of the day was immaterial.

Thursday, January 08, 2004



And yet, still in a fabulous mood. PatCH, MAK, et al, were a great group to hang with.

Wednesday, January 07, 2004

I'll post a little more about this tonight, but consider yourself invited:

Rugby Party
16th St. btw 8th and 9th Ave.
Thursday, January 8th
2 for 1 drinks from 7-9

Be there!
Going out for drinks with MAK and PatCH. Woo hoo!!!! I'm forcing them to go to Stella's so I can ogle cute Eastern European boys.

More later.

Monday, January 05, 2004

I'm back and I'm ready to blog. Not that I've been anywhere; I just wanted to take a little break.

Hellooooo 2004
New Year's Eve, as I've mentioned, was cool. I had almost resigned myself to spending the night at home alone. I was going to blow off the rugby party and just watch some movies. Luckily Stuff called and wanted to meet for dinner. I decided to go, even though I didn't really feel like going out.

We went to a Chinese place around the corner from my apartment. In addition to having a good time with Stuff (he's been in a bad mood recently because of some boyfriend trouble), I had another Bravo sighting. Now that he'll be living in Chelsea, I imagine this will happen more often. Good. He seems like a nice kid.

After dinner, Stuff and I went to meet a couple of his friends at Barracuda. His friends had already taken off by the time we got there, but we decided to have a couple of drinks before heading to Lee's. This decision was in no way influenced by the cute, cute, cute skinny blond waiter.

I swear.

Anywho. A little while after we got there, a group of guys came in from the soccer team. I recognized one of them, but couldn't remember his name. One of the guys in the group was Stuff's type, so he kept looking over at them. I looked over a couple of times and saw one of them looking at us. I figured Stuff had an admirer.

Turns out I did.

Hence my enthusiastic post on New Year's Day.

So Stuff pointed out the fact that the guy, I'll call him SoccerBoy or SB, kept looking over at me, not him. I figured that wasn't the case, but whatever. Then the soccer guys came over to play pool. Right next to us. And Stuff . . . to my unmitigated horror . . . struck up a conversation with them. And got me involved. Eventually, I was just talking to SoccerBoy. And it was great.

They were going to a party; this was just a warm-up for them, too. But before they left, SB asked if he could have my number so we could get together for dinner or a movie or something. Hell, yes, he could have my number.

They left, Stuff went to the john and I was left sitting on the sofa with a shit-eating grin on my face. Then it got better.

SB came back. He'd gotten a card from one of his friends and written his cell number on it for me.

After that, Stuff and I went to Lee's party; Stuff teasing me the entire way. The party was fun. Good mix of ruggers and non-ruggers, boys and girls, straight and gay. And there was cider. It was a more mellow party than last year's rugby New Year's party, but that was okay. I wasn't in a 'get falling down drunk' mood. It was more of a chance to hang out and enjoy myself.

After Lee's party, Stuff and I went to the Web. On the way there, I discovered that SB had left me a message. His party had broken up and he was going to head over to ours. But I wasn't anywhere near my phone and didn't get his message. I called him back to let him know, but just got his voicemail.

The Web was a fun time. Lots of cute dancers, a few drag acts, good music, cute guys. Awesome raffle (porn and champagne), but I didn't win a damn thing. Sometimes the magic works, sometimes it doesn't.

Hellooooo Hangover and Sleep Deprivation
New Year's Day - slept. Made black-eyed peas. Ate black-eyed peas. Watched 'Peter Pan' and 'Amelie'.

"Don't Blame Me - I Voted For Kodos"
Friday - slept. Didn't do a damn thing but watch movies and play on the computer. That night we had a 3 hour board meeting. Add this to the 4 hour pre-board meeting meeting that I had with our new president and the 6 hour board meeting he wants to have this Saturday, and I will have spent more time in rugby board meetings in the past couple of weeks than I did in the first half of 2003.

Productive meeting, but brutally long. I'm sure we're just in the 'getting to know you' phase of things. They'll likely get shorter soon.

After the meeting, Stuff and I got together again. He had gone out with David and a few other guys. I met them at Therapy (hate that bar). Eventually we went to the Web. Not as much fun, but not terrible. I hung out for a while then went home.

A Very Wesley Crusher Christmas
Saturday I hung out with Mike who I hadn't seen for a while. I was finally able to give him his Christmas presents: an autographed copy of Wil Wheaton's book, Dancing Barefoot, and an Ian McEwan novel, I forget which one.

I also got to meet my new nephew (Mike'nDavid's new dog), Mojo. He is adorable, though he kept trying to lick my tongue (eeeeewww) and seemed to enjoy chewing on my beard. But he's a great little puppy.

Then Mike and I went to Mona Lisa on Christopher St. for a long, leisurely lunch. After that was a trip to Creative Visions where I bought a whole bunch of books that I don't really need. The way my apartment is starting to look, rescue workers will someday have to save me from being crushed under a pile of books and magazines.

I spent part of my time with Mike obsessing about the fact that SB hadn't called me back. Coming up with all the reasons that he wouldn't want to go out again. Then I checked my messages and turns out he had called. Four hours earlier. I just hadn't heard the bloody phone ring. I let Mike listen to the message . . . he thought SB sounded hot.

After Mike and I called it a day, I got together with SB and some of the soccer boys. Stuff came with me since he was having a really, really bad day. I spent most of the night talking to SB; Stuff spent most of it hitting on the other soccer boys. Nice.

Do All Actors Have Big Dicks?
Sunday morning I woke up much, much earlier than usual (David and I were meeting for coffee). The announcer on WNYC was talking about the plays that were closing today: 'Cabaret', 'The Caretaker', and 'Take Me Out'. 'Cabaret' I'd seen. 'Caretaker' . . . well, I'd have loved to, but I really, really wanted to see 'Take Me Out'. After coffee with David, I went to the theater and bought a ticket. And I splurged . . . top priced one. I was supposed to get together with SB, but I called to see if we could do it later or maybe this week.

The show was great. Funny, moving, touching. And, of course, it was the closing night, so it had that weird, hyper vibe that actors have when it's their last big hurrah.

Anyway, I enjoyed the show. I thought that the actors did a great job. I didn't really like the lead character (arrogant prick, he was), but that was the point. He was much more sympathetic toward the end.

I was amazed by the amount of nudity. I didn't think it was gratuitous, as some of my friends have maintained. And I think it was handled well. But, wow.

Sunday night, I didn't hear back from SB (cue obsessive worrying) so I went home, played on the computer and did rugby board stuff.

Back to the Bullshit
So now I'm back to the routine. I've made lots of little resolutions, many of which will help make 2004 a banner year for me. For the first time in years, I'm looking forward to the future. I'm going to start writing with David on a regular basis. I've set out my rugby training program. Other good stuff as well. I'll talk about that more later.

Oh, SB called today to apologize for not calling me last night and wants to go out to dinner this week. How psyched am I?

Friday, January 02, 2004

Didn't do too much today. Made my black-eyed peas. Yum. Did some housework. More of that tomorrow. Saw 'Peter Pan' which was fucking brilliant. As soon as it's out on DVD, I'm buying it.

Now I have to dig up my copies of the play and story. J.M. Barrie . . . great writer. 'The Admirable Crichton' is still one of my favorite plays. I wish someone would produce it; I've never seen it staged.

After I got back from the movie, I watched 'Amelie' which was also brilliant.

I didn't call the guy from last night. I could say that I'm being coy and not wanting to appear over-eager. Truth is, I'm a little freaked. I'm generally unaccustomed to having guys express interest in me. And for me to be attracted to someone who does is almost unheard of.

I guess I'm waiting for the other shoe to drop.

But I promise I'll call him on Friday. Well, I suppose it is officially Friday now, but I mean I'll call him in the afternoon.

Thursday, January 01, 2004

Happy 2004!!!!

I'm about to go to bed. I'll tell of my adventures tomorrow while I'm cooking my black-eyed peas (a Southern tradition).

A few teasers:
1) I'm sober.
2) I'm happy.
3) I met a guy.

Number 1 is due to genetics and the fact that I paced myself. Number 2 is largely because of Number 3. Number 3 . . . well, he seemed nice. He was into me and I was into him. We'll see once we have a real date.

It's been a very long time since I've felt really happy. I could get used to this.