Tuesday, January 13, 2004

Wow. I really meant to post this weekend. And yesterday. Oh, well.

Friday - Soccer game. SB had nice legs. And I saw him shirtless. Mmmmm. He's a really good player, too. The game was pretty intense. His team won by a comfortable margin. There was one horrible injury; who would think that you could get hurt more playing soccer than rugby? One of the guys on the other team took a header into the wall (it was indoor soccer). Messed his face up good.

After the game, I went out with SB and the rest of the boys. Good time. They're a lot like the rugby guys and they're very good about making sure I wasn't being left out of the conversations. That was nice.

I've told our recruiting guy that he needs to come to some of the soccer events. They've got some guys who would be great on our team.

After dinner, SB drove me home before heading back to Jersey.

Saturday - Bored Board Meeting. Six hours and fifteen minutes. Horribly inefficient. But according to our Chairman/President, that was how he wanted it. He wanted ideas to flow and stew and . . . oh, who knows, some other new age crap. Point being, I'm very much a 'get to the point and don't stray off-topic' type. This kind of meeting was hell. I don't think I will ever reconcile myself to the types of meetings he wants, but I'm going to give it a try. And by that, I mean I'm going to shut up and doodle in my notebook whenever things get off-topic.

Then there was a party at his house. I went late; I had to get something accomplished at home since I hadn't in the meeting (I cleaned house . . . those of you who know me will understand the significance of this). The party was okay. More mellow than his normal parties (i.e. no nudity, no slings . . . I kid you not). And there was a really great mix of people. He has a lot of friends with a lot of different interests. There is always someone interesting to talk to at his parties.

I spent much of the evening catching up with my former teammate, Austin, who was in town. Good to see him.

I spent a great deal more of the evening talking to one of Brian's harem. The actor. Not bad talking theater with him, but he certainly is young. And like most people his age, he seems to know (or at least have an opinion about) everything. Was I ever like that? Nah.

SB had said he might drop by the party after his practice but he didn't. I worried about this with an intensity that would have made Faustus proud.

Sunday - writing with David at Rita's. This was great. A little chatting. A little writing. A little hot chocolate. Very nice. I worked on a poem and some other stuff. I think I'll bring my laptop and work on some of my plays next time. I'm determined to get something produced (or in rehearsals) this year.

SB called that night. We're going out (one on one this time) on Thursday. Woo hoo!

Yesterday - work, reading, cleaning. Based on David and Rob's success with the South Beach Diet, I've decided to give it a go. I bought the book and read it last night. Much more palatable than the Atkins diet. I can give up fruit for two weeks. I can't give up veggies, so this will be great. I just hope I have the same results that they did.

Rugby practice starts in a month.

That being said, it's time for lunch.

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