Tuesday, January 20, 2004

Decent weekend, all things considered. I'm in a somewhat better mood today.

As I feared, I was up two pounds when I had my official weigh in today. Well, fuck it. I've managed to stay on the diet for a week without slipping up. I'll keep going and eventually the weight loss will fall in place.

Went out with Stuff yesterday evening. Went to the View, Splash Bar (which is the new name of the bar formerly known as SBNY, which was the name of the bar formerly known as Splash), then dinner at the Chelsea Grill. Good time. I always like hanging out with him. His apartment hunt seems to be going fairly well.

Stereo still isn't working, but Best Buy has this 300 CD unit on sale for $200. I get a little bit of a chub just thinking about it. I also want to get a turntable.

Just found out what my raise is for 2004. Not good. But then, some people didn't get raises, so I won't complain. Much.

I'm also getting the apartment in some semblance of order. Slowly but surely, it's beginning to look like the kind of place a grown up (albeit one with very childlike qualities) would live. Soon I can start having people over for dinner and movies.

And poker. God, I miss having poker nights with the boys.


Anyway, I supposed I'll get back to work. Or lunch. Yeah, lunch sounds much better.

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