Thursday, January 29, 2004

Last night was good fun. I met Stuff at the Web after work. Had four drinks with him and about my body weight in pretzels. I invited Bob, MAK, Mike, and PatCH to join us. MAK was at home (his snow day being used to plan his move), Bob was going to be getting a massage (happy ending?) and wasn't sure if he could make it. I didn't hear from PatCH or Mike.

Stuff and I had a good time watching the strippers, talking about his upcoming move, discussing work and travel and other fun things. Not long before we were going to leave, PatCH arrived, fresh from work. Well, naturally we couldn't leave him there since he had gone out of his way to join us, so we had a couple more drinks. Woo hoo!!!

I've got to say, everyone should give up alcohol for a couple of weeks just so we learn never to take it for granted.

It was a fun time and I really needed it. Unfortunately, now both of my movies that I rented have a late fee. Ah, well.

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