Thursday, September 18, 2003

While it was fun going out with Brian for his birthday, I'll admit that I was disappointed by the San Gennaro Festival. I was expecting something more like a festival you'd see in Italy. This was just another street fair, albeit one with more Italian food and more guys in velour track suits and gold chains. But there were still all the usual vendors with Greek food, African masks, reggae music, etc. Just like you'd find in Italy? I think not.

That being said, there was so much eye candy, that I don't even care about being disappointed. Italian boys. Dark hair. Light blue eyes. Fair skin. Mmmmmmm. Sure, most of them had accents that would make a Southerner's ears bleed and were obviously dumb as dirt, but oh so very pretty to look at. I also saw one guy who was my ideal type. Blond, thin, young . . . very Nordic (he even had a German (?) accent). Anyway, small, wire rim glasses, pretty smile. I was smitten.

Unfortunately, he sold me the worst calamari I've ever had in my life, so he is somewhat sullied in my memory.

The food was good, not great. I had the best canoli I've ever had in my life, though, so that was a good thing.

But it was a good time generally.

I went to the church and saw the statue of San Gennaro; I didn't burst into flames when I crossed myself with the holy water, which I consider to be a positive sign. Bought a rosary and a few medals (Sts. Jude, Christopher and Michael and one with the Ecce Homo on one side and the Virgin on the other); all of them were blessed by the priest. All in all, when the vampires rise up to take over the world, I'm ready.

Crash the Vampire Slayer. Somehow I don't think it would catch on.

My other disappointment of the evening, the disposable camera I bought to record the revelry and general brouhaha didn't have a fucking flash. And said rather plainly that it would only be good in sunlight. Damn.

Well, I'll get one with a flash for Saturday, because I plan on getting Brian totally plastered.

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