Monday, September 29, 2003

Well, let's see . . . the weekend. Obviously, Saturday was a rugby day.

Update on my teammate, he's still in the hospital and will be having surgery on Tuesday to repair some disk damage in his back. After a particularly hard tackle (he was tackling one of the Montclair boys) he suffered a brief bout (just a minute or so) of quadriplegia, but was able to move his legs and arms rather quickly. Our wonderful team therapist took care of him until the ambulance arrived (I can't believe all the teams don't have someone like her . . . she's kept us all in one piece for quite a while now). The people at Harlem Hospital are doing a great job and hopefully he'll be home by the end of the week.

Probably will be the worst accident all year (touch wood). Last year, one of the guys fractured a vertebra and wound up in a brace for quite a while. We tend to have lots of little injuries, sprains, black eyes, broken fingers, etc., but luckily the big ones don't happen that often.

Me, I've fractured a finger, had a bit of nerve damage around my left knee (there is a spot about the size of a half-dollar that has no feeling), lost a couple of toe nails, had to get a knee drained, and now walk a little gimpy.

Mom wants me to play a different sport.

Makes sense.

Ain't gonna happen, though.

Sunday was pretty good. Went to the Youth Rugby event. Bad, rainy weather. Needless to say, the kids had a great time getting wet and rolling around in the mud. This is a great organization; I'm glad to be helping out.

After that, I just did stuff around the house for a while. Went to the market, bought chicken breasts, a couple of game hens and lots of stuff to cook with them. Got home, opened the chicken to start cooking it . . . it was bad. So I went back to the market. I was going to exchange them for another package, but the smell of rotten chicken was in my nose and the idea of buying more really didn't sound appetizing. I decided to get my money back instead. I went to the Chelsea Market and bought a bunch of veggies; much better choice.

After that, I went to the gym. I'm bound and determine to get in shape to play in the tournament in London next year. I don't care if I play on the A or B side, I just want to play.

Hung out with Dino for a few hours Sunday night. Had a great time. We went to Rita's and had coffee, then just wandered around the Village for a while. Just the kind of relaxing, fun evening that I needed.

Then it was back to the apartment and a frenzy of cooking and laundry. Ah, the wild life of a young, single Manhattanite.

Today has been a little laid back. Hope it stays like this.

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