Thursday, September 25, 2003

Ever since MAK suggested it, I've been playing the Subway Game. Generally, there isn't much competition. It doesn't help that I'm only on the subway for two stops. I get on, see a cute guy, choose him, then I'm at my station.

Today was different. Among the usual nose-pickers, trolls, women and other undesirables, there were nestled three prime candidates.

Potential Mate One: tall, thin, blond, mid-twenties, handsome, too stylishly dressed to be American, wearing a dark blue suit with a subtle green check pattern, white shirt and kelly green tie. Reading the NY Times.

Potential Mate Two: tall, trim with a nice upper body, short dark hair, very Eastern European looks, sadly a little reminiscent of Mr. Bean in the face (Mr. Bean as he would appear in a Bel Ami movie perhaps), probably early twenties, wearing black shoes and jeans and a dark gray mock-turtleneck. Added bonus, kept making eye contact.

Potentail Mate Three: short, late-teens/early twenties, kind of a crewcut thing going on, not in or out of shape, very NYU-ish, wearing black Keds, blue jeans, a black t-shirt and a long-sleeved white t-shirt under it. Great smile, cute face (but he won't age well).

So who did I pick as my soulmate for the ride? The first person to guess the correct answer and my reason for picking him will win one million dollars*.

Ready, set, go!

*The $1 million prize is contingent on being the first with the correct answer and reason why I chose that person and on me winning this week's Mega Millions Lotto. In the event that you submit the right answer and I do not win the Mega Millions Lotto, the alternate prize will be a baseball cap chosen at random from the pile of them in my closet and a sock which has lost it's mate.

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