Monday, July 21, 2003

I HATE AT&FuckingT. They screwed up a cellphone order that I made in May. I'm still trying to straighten it out. I'm on hold with customer service. It's heading toward 25 minutes of being on hold. They are a multi-billion dollar corporation, yet they only seem to have one customer service representative.


At least a taped voice keeps coming on every two minutes to tell me they know my time is valuable. Thanks, that makes it all better.

All I need to do is return a cell phone. There was supposed to be a return label in the package; it wasn't there. All I need is another label. They were supposed to have sent me one on May 14th. Well, nothing had arrived by the time I moved. So I'm calling to get another one. Maybe it will be here by Christmas.

Just hit 26 minutes on hold. Woo hoo!!

I guess I'll give up around the hour mark. At least the phone call is on their dime.

Just for fun, everyone who reads this blog should call AT&T Customer Service at 1-800-868-8415. Do it when you have free time. Then when someone picks up, tell them you don't have any business to do, you just wanted to see how long it took for them to pick up.

Longest wait wins.

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