Wednesday, July 30, 2003

As I have recently mentioned to MAK, I've decided to try the Atkins diet. Now since I don't really like to eat anything with a central nervous system, I didn't come to this decision lightly.

But I have a number of friends (several guys on the various rugby teams) who have done very well with this diet . . . what the fuck. If I can drop the weight I've gained during the team's off time, I'll be better able to play in the fall (assuming my knees get a little better).

In order to keep myself from cheating too much, I'll be giving little updates on my progress.

Progress today . . . I'm easing into it. No bread, pasta, etc., but I did have some potato chips. Other than that, eggs, meat and a little bit of fruits/veggies. Okay, so I'm not doing the hardcore Atkins stuff yet. Tomorrow it will be a meat and veggie day . . . no fruit, no other high carb stuff.


I really would prefer to be on the amphetamine and steroid diet, but my friends yell at me when I suggest this.

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