Thursday, October 30, 2003

Rainy Days and Sunspots Always Get Me Down

I don't know if it was the last couple of days of rainy weather or the masses of solar gasses that are beating down on us, but I've been in a funky mood for the last few days.

Overall, I'm cool with that because it's the first time in weeks that depression has reared its ugly little head. Hopefully, it'll just look around a little and go back to sleep.

I haven't been getting enough sleep; I think that plays into it. And my feet have been hurting (not as bad as a few weeks ago, but still painful to walk). I've also been feeling a little sick. Maybe it's the weather. Or the fact that I've been having to clean up my apartment to make room for the furniture which will arrive tomorrow. Lots of dust getting kicked up (I'm a lousy housekeeper).

I'm also feeling a little sorry for myself because some of my friends have been too busy to hang out. Stupid reason to feel sorry for myself, but there you are.

There is also some rugby stuff going on, but I won't bore you with that.

I think maybe I just need a vacation. I'm thinking of taking off the week before Thanksgiving and going to Chicago. I love the city and I have a bunch of friends who live there now. Plus, there are a ton of blues clubs to explore.

We'll see.

I'm going down to Delaware to hang out with the family over Thanksgiving week, so a trip beforehand, while it would help me cope with the whole family thing, might also be a bad idea money-wise.

I just need . . . something different.

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