Sunday, October 12, 2003

Not a good day. When I woke up my right foot was hurting. It had been hurting since Thursday, but this was more pain than I'd had yet. It was also swollen. I could barely walk so I bailed on youth rugby.

After sitting around the house while the pain grew worse, I decided to hobble down to St. Vincent's to visit the emergency room. I thought I'd better find out if I'd broken anything. Two and a half hours later, I found out I hadn't. So I'm supposed to stay off it, ice and elevate it and take Tylenol.


I live in New York. I don't have a car. How the fuck am I supposed to stay off my feet?

Good reading weekend. I read 'Slaughterhouse Five' yesterday and 'Einstein's Dreams' today. I'd never read any Vonnegut; I was surprised how much I enjoyed the book. 'Einstein's Dreams' was an odd little book, but I really liked it. I've always found the concept of time and our perception of it to be rather interesting. I'd like to read some of Lightman's non-fiction and see how that is.

So, Saturday. Slept through the SA v. Uruguay match. Tant pis. I'm not terribly upset.

Went to the Gotham match in the Bronx. The park was beautiful. Very crowded, too. There was a huge track and field match going on with high school teams from all over the nation.

People kept walking across our pitch, oblivious to the fact that a game was going on.

The other team played dirty. We lost, no huge surprise, but it was our closest match so far. The party afterwards was okay (best food that any of the other teams have provided). At the end of the evening I found myself at a naked hot tub party wondering why the hell I was there. Actually, I know why I was there; I have a bit of a crush on one of the guys. But really, it was so not my scene. Especially when my foot was hurting.

Ah, well. I hung out for a while, feeling like a fifth wheel (which considering there were four naked guys in the hot tub and I was dressed sitting at the side, I suppose I actually was). Eventually I took off and hobbled home.

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