Friday, October 10, 2003

The alarm went off at 4:30 a.m. Two hours early. I realized I had to be dreaming, so I ignored it.

Then I remembered: Today is the first game of the World Cup!!

After rushing through the normal morning routine, I realized that there was no way I'd be able to get to the bar by 6:00 a.m. if I took the subway. Decided to spring for a cab.

Despite the fact that this is a global event, America is participating, and that this is going to be the best watched sporting event all year, we only managed to find two or three bars in Manhattan that were going to show the matches. Of those, we chose the Kinsale Tavern. They weren't going to show the opening ceremonies, but they were going to show the first game. Doors would open at 6 a.m.

My cab pulled up in front of Kinsale's at 5:55 a.m. Plenty of time since the game was to start around 6:30. A little sign on the door read "We will not be showing the 6 a.m. Rugby World Cup match. Go to Fiona's on 87th and 1st."

As me dear Father would say "Well, fuck me Agnes!"

Luckily, rather than having to hobble down to Fiona's, I was offered a ride by a group of the boys from Union (who we played in our first match this year) who had also come down to watch the game.

Toby arrived at the bar not long after I did and well before the game. Paul S. joined us in the middle of the first half.

It was a good game. I thought the Wallabies would pretty much rule the pitch, but Argentina really made them work. Only one really huge injury, David Giffin of the Wallabies was dropped during a lift and landed on his head and neck. They took him out on a stretcher; no word on his injuries. It looked pretty bad though.

Sadly, I find that I'm too damn tired to really write much of a commentary on the game. Or maybe it's those ciders. Either way, I'll try to write a little more once I've sobered up and the caffeine takes hold.

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