Wednesday, October 08, 2003

I just got the worst cup of coffee from Starbucks. I'm sure it's because the cute Asian guy wasn't there; someone else made it.

Yes, that's how little I have to blog about.

Arnie - couldn't care less.
Rummy getting eased out of the inner circle - mildly amusing, but not really blog-worthy.
Marriage Week or whatever it's being called - have to cool down a little before I talk about how this is nothing more than a kick in the face to gays and has nothing to do with the "sanctity of marriage" or any of that other jingoistic crap.


Just for fun, go to Jeff's site and read his novel. It's really, really good. Maybe if enough of you go read it, he'll post more.

Sports Forum, 20 more things about me, the sturm und drang that I'm currently dealing with on my rugby team, the deal about my stuff at my mom's house and my missing furniture will simply have to be blogged about later.

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