Monday, October 27, 2003

Highlights from Saturday's post-game drink up (and after-party) in no particular order since my memory is a little . . . um, hazy.

Patrick's zulu (for non-ruggers, when a player scores his first ever try, he is made to get completely naked . . . usually on the pitch, but after we nearly got ticketed for doing that, we've done it in the bar). Balls out on the pitch, balls out at the bar. Good man, Patrick. Good man.

The hot, hot, hot players from the other team (not including, of course, the hobbit that someone had his eye on). Sadly, no nudity on their part, not even the hobbit.

Tequila shots.

Toby bringing down the house with his rendition of 'I'm a Wanker.' Not as inspiring as 'Jerusalem,' but much more appropriate.

A couple of my teammates with their cocks out, despite the fact that the straight boys were still in the bar. And, um, something that I may or may not have been involved with.

Passing out in Adam's bed.

Tequila shots.

Waking up in Adam's bed with six other guys.

Group cuddle.

A cop with his hand down my underpants.

Tequila shots.

Singing (slurring) 'Uncle Fucker' and 'Kyle's Mom is a Bitch' at the top of my lungs.

Winston shooting the boot, like, a dozen times. Dude, know when to stop singing.

Adam's homemade chili. If I were the marrying kind, which thank the Lord I'm not, sir, the kind of rugger I would wed would be . . . someone who makes chili like that. (That's a reference to a rugby song, won't make much sense otherwise). I'm praying he'll make it for our Halloween party.

Jokes at my expense. Yeah, really, jokes about the chicken get funnier and funnier . . . no really, really, they do. That's why I want us to go back to pizza. Or for Stuff to get back so people will make fun of him, too.

Well, I'm sure more of the evening will come back to me. Usually the really humiliating things take a couple of days to resurface. If anyone who was at the drink up or party knows anyone I should apologize to, let me know.

One little post script. I know I give him a hard time (fairly, some might argue), it needs to be pointed out that this season ran a lot smoother because of all his hard work. Brian, I'm glad to call you a teammate and a friend.

That won't, however, stop me from being the Blue side tight-head prop next year. Bring it!

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