Wednesday, May 28, 2003

This is so cool. Put in your website and this will spit out a poem randomly generated from stuff on your site.

Mine was:

from your dogtags to go
with Mike
The living
room. You imagine Ann
Coulter having a blast.
I decided to
the train leaves. The holiday schedules are a comment A
good evening out of horoscopes and cute. when
I got to balance the
boyfriend is now
that helps victims of the funding for something
else where = the road of Buffy.

My favorite parts of course are "you imagine Ann Coulter having a blast" (no, I imagine her being sodomized by syphilitic elephants) and the phrase "the road of Buffy." Especially the road of Buffy line which sounds remarkably messianic. Friend, do you walk the road of Buffy? Yea verily, my Lord and that of her Watcher.

I am not a Buffy freak. Shut up, Brian.

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