Wednesday, May 21, 2003

Last night I had a "wow am I back in high school?" moment. I went to the Sanctuary for Families benefit (a group that helps victims of domestic violence . . . a truly amazing organization). In addition to the usual awards, speeches, etc., Cyndi Lauper performed a few songs; she is a supporter of SFF. Now I've always liked Cyndi Lauper . . . or at least her music since I don't actually know her. But I'd never heard her sing live. So many performers sound great on their CD's but don't have much voice when they sing live. Cyndi Lauper is not one of those people. If anything, hearing her live brought out so much of the power and nuance in her voice that sometimes gets washed out in a recording studio. She was truly amazing.

And I have to say, the little part of me that is still a 15 year old high school social outcast was so excited to hear her sing and to sit less than 20 feet away from her.

So continuing with the high school theme, the rest of the entertainment for the evening was DJ Grandmaster Flash spinning tunes from my high school and college years (as well as more modern stuff). I wasn't too psyched about this, since I wasn't sure what kind of music it would be and how the crowd would react. Turns out I had a blast. First, as I said this was the music from my salad days; hard to hear that and not be transported back. Second, the crowd, most of whom were my age, just let loose and had fun. Until you've seen a bunch of lawyers and bankers dancing around singing "I'm down with OPP" you really haven't lived. I had fun dancing for a while with some of my peers from other law firms, some of whom can really move.

I was thinking that this was how my high school prom should have been. There was no attitude, no cliques, good music and drinking. Add to that the fact that I was wearing a suit and not a tux, I wasn't freaked out about having to kiss my date goodnight, and I didn't have to tell my parents all about it the next morning.

Well, I suppose going through the whole prom from hell experience makes me appreciate evenings like last night so much better.

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