Tuesday, May 27, 2003

So, I now have an even worse "search term" hit. Some one looking for Daniel Cudmore scat porn. The search originated on the German yahoo. Now I don't mean to stereotype, but what is it with Germans and human waste? Whenever I'm in the video store and I notice a video like that, it's invariably German.

Makes me think twice about shaking hands with them.

Not to stereotype . . . like I said.

So it was a good weekend. Watched the Trading Spaces marathon. I'm guessing Doug was an only child. A spoiled only child. A spoiled, evil only child who delights in the pain of others.

Vern, however, is awesome. And cute. And I love that touch of Valley boy in his accent.

I'll have to talk with Mike about signing up for Trading Spaces when I get my new apartment. Knowing full well that he would never do it. And I love my furniture too much to ever allow it to be painted. Ah, well.

Has anyone seen the production of New Boy that was running at the Lion Theater? It's being transferred to the Samuel Beckett and I'd like to go see it (I loved the book . . . not as much as Are You Experienced? but it was still pretty amazing. William Suttcliffe is one hell of a writer, The Love Hexagon excluded). Well, if anyone saw it, let me know how it was.

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