Monday, May 12, 2003

There is nothing like having to account for my time to make me realize that I have a remarkably boring life. Anyway, this weekend was supposed to be rugby and drinking. Well, I did the drinking part. I just have been in so much pain lately that the idea of rugby (games or practice) makes me cringe. I guess it's time to start seeing the physical therapist again.

So instead of playing rugby, watching my team play and partying with them afterwards, I played hermit in my room. I was supposed to be packing for my (God willing) upcoming move, but in truth I just sat around feeling depressed. I'm sick of the constant fucking pain.

On the upside, I went out with Mike on Saturday night. That lifted the hell out of my spirits. We went of Cuban food at some restaurant on Christopher. Then I dragged him to Marie's Crisis Cafe. I really need to be drunk to enjoy that place 'cause it's kind of creepy when I'm sober. But we had fun goofing on the other customers. Then we stopped at the liquor store and went back to his place to drink and watch TV. Now I know that living in New York, I should be wanting to go to bars, clubs, theaters, etc., but in truth just hanging out with my best friend watching crap on TV (he sat through Dante's Peak which almost evens out his making me sit through O.C. & Stiggs . . . almost) is what I really needed. That and a bottle of decent port. So we hung out until two or so when he finally started to fade (wuss).

Sunday was all about the X-Men, Catherine and Mexican food. Guacamole at Mama Mexico. X-Men . . . mutant hotties (Daniel Cudmore. Colossus. 6'8". 255 lbs. Woof.). And of course the incomparable Catherine. Sadly she is moving to the West Coast as I found out this weekend. Well at least I'll have another reason to go to LA.

Oh, I also saw a guy I used to work with on Malcolm in the Middle last night, an actor out in LA named Paul. A damn good actor, too. Went to Yale's acting program. It's always so odd when I see someone I know on TV. I saw another co-worker on Law & Order a couple of months ago. Of course, this being New York, all of the actors I know have been on L&O at least once.

Well, back to the salt mines. I want to get out of here as close to on-time as possible so I can go out drinking at the Web. Woo hoo!

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