Saturday, May 31, 2003

Got busted today by one of my teammates who found my blog while surfing. Hi, Lee. Luckily, the only one of my teammates that I routinely bust on is Brian . . . and he usually deserves it.

Note to self: don't bitch about Lee or Mike now that they know about the site.

Hey, Lee. Since you are sort of a techno guru, can you give me any advice about including pictures in my blog? I'm useless when it comes to such things (I can already hear myself gearing up for my Blanche DuBois impersonation - "I've always depended upon the kindness of strangers," . . . though sadly today if feels more like a Blanche Devereaux . . . actually it feels more like Dorothy Zbornak . . . maybe I'll just sing a chorus of Bosom Buddies . . . now I'm thinking of Peter Scolari . . . aaaaaaaaahhhhhhh, please just stop my brain. Where was I? Oh, yeah) So if you can give me any pointers, I'd appreciate it.

Speaking of the Golden Girls, which one of them would you kill?

I'm curious, let me know who you pick.

Speaking of Peter Scolari, when I was a kid, I had a huge crush on him. I always thought Tom Hanks looked like Stockard Channing on that show. But Peter, yummy. Funny, I always thought he'd be the one with a career. He was so funny. By the time Newhart rolled around . . . well, let's just say I knew that was the beginning of the end for him.

How did I get on that subject? Hell, who cares. No one reads this far into my blog anyway.

Well, I'm off to bed.

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