Friday, May 23, 2003

Okay, just for giggles I decided to run the same search that the X-Men pervert ran. Daniel . . . Cudmore . . . porn. So mostly I find blogs. One blogger said that he'd just seen the movie and was giving his heart to Daniel Cudmore (back off, bitch, he's mine). But I'm reading the site and it's kinda cool and funny. Then I notice his links. In his archives he has a link to Gay Muscle. Well, there's a rumor that one of my rugby teammates is on that site (captain, my captain . . . you know who I'm talking about); so I decided to see if I could find him. Long story short, I couldn't. However, I did find one of my other teammates. One I really wouldn't have expected to find. One that I will be giving a hard time to later about his ad. Ah, something to look forward to.

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