Monday, May 24, 2004

Since several of my blogger friends have already discussed this weekend in more eloquent terms than I'm able to write, I'll post my GB:NY (thanks to boifromtroy for that title) awards.

The Trompe L'Oeil Award goes to Zeitzeuge for his interesting, um . . . self portrait. It was either this or the Everything Is Bigger In Texas Award.

The Jewish Mother Award goes to, well, Zenchick, of course. Thanks for the Mylanta, mom.

The Dukes of Hazzard Award is a three-way tie between Mezzanine, Zeitzeuge and Michael. Those accents had me fixin' to thrown on my short shorts and change my name to Daisy. Okay, fine, I'd actually be Boss Hogg.

The Twink Magnet Award goes to BoiFromTroy who always seemed to be in the company of the cute boys. Lucky bastard.

The Dude, Who's That Guy You Were Just Talking To? Award is a tie between Addaboy and AccidentalNewYorker. Every time I walked away from either of these two, at least one or two guys would come up and ask me that question with a little hint of lust in their eyes. Ah, to be good looking and sought after. Sigh.

The Oh My God, I Love Gawker Award goes to Famous Author Rob Byrnes for his Choire Sicha impersonation.

The Sexy Voice Award goes to Palochi. Damn, son, if I knew you sounded that good, I'd have been drunk dialing you months ago.

More to follow soon . . .

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