Thursday, February 28, 2008

One more quick note

Last night I read another book, The Zookeeper by Alex MacLennan.

I really liked it. Interesting characters, and one of the main themes was how easily we settle for being comfortable, rather than happy. Needless to say, that really resonates with me.


David said...

I have to say I wasn't crazy about the book. But that's why they're called 'opinions.'

Jess said...

I consider myself happy in most respects, but settling for being comfortable is only settling if you consider it such. For most human beings, "comfortable" is pretty good. For most, it's more than they have or perhaps ever will have. More to the point, we're programmed to seek comfort. Comfort means our basic needs are addressed and we are in relative safety. In the end, that's not so bad.

With that said, happiness can be a quest. It's certainly a worthwhile quest, but there is no time limit on it, other than the one we don't know until it's too late; that being our demise.

So enjoy comfort and keep searching for happiness. That's what life is about.