Saturday, February 09, 2008

It's still Friday, dammit!

Although the clock reads nearly 1 AM, since I have just gotten back home, it's still technically Friday. So I still am counting this as satisfying my daily blogging.

Today was evil busy work day. I had a project that needed to be completed that took me all day, and made sure I couldn't work on any of the stuff I needed to do, other than this project.

No big deal though, because I really do prefer to be busy. The day absolutely flew by.

Then happy hour with the Rob Byrnes bunch at the Ritz. Dinner at St. Andrews (the only Scottish pub in town) with English David and Patrick. Then off to a play.

As a little side note, there is an Off-Broadway theatre company that I love called Emerging Artists Theatre. Not to say that every production is a winner, they can be hit and miss like all the rest. However, they have such a wonderful, creative group of theatre professionals (playwrights, actors, designers, directors, etc.) that there's always something to admire about their shows.

Tonight I saw one of their current productions, The Play About the Naked Guy. It was a lot of fun. It's about a small, nearly destitute theatre company that makes a deal with a fast talking, gay Svengali and sells out their integrity in order to turn a profit. Very funny show, excellent cast. Plus, you get to see naughty bits. Check it out.

After that, hopped in a cab and came home.

Tomorrow, it's off to review a children's theatre show.

And on that subject, I love children's theatre. The actors are often just out of college, trying out their new wings, so to speak. There is an energy and vitality that you often don't see in other shows. Plus, it's fun to let go and just enjoy a fun and often silly show.

That being said, I'd enjoy it a lot more if it weren't for all the damn kids. Truth be told, I just don't much like kids. Didn't like them when I was one, don't like them now. Okay, I love my neice and nephews and the other kids in my family. I love the kids of my friends. There is a connection there, it's not just some random kids, it's the child of someone I care about. How could I not like them.

But those other children. Condoms, people. Use condoms.

Wow. I guess Pat Robertson is right. I really am trying to destroy the Amrrrrcan family.

Ah, well.

I think I'll read a little more of William Mann's Men Who Love Men. Despite Alan's comment yesterday (well, Thursday), I'm actually enjoying the book quite a bit. Truth is, I have a lot in common with the main character self-esteemwise, so it's hitting home with me.

So there we go. Aren't you all so happy I'm blogging again?


Is this thing on?


Jess said...

I am VERY happy that you're blogging again! Don't think otherwise. Wish we could hang out more, but that's another story. In the meantime, I'm happy for the blogging.

It's just as well that you don't like kids. If you went to a children's theater production and seemed too happy to be around the kids, they might think you had something else in mind! But I can relate to what you're saying. I like the kids in my family (well, most of them), but some kids can be annoying. It largely hinges on the parenting. If they have good parents, then the kids can be good and delightful, but many have such atrocious behavior!

Tuna Girl said...

That's funny because you were SO GOOD with my kids, I just assumed you were one of those annoying kid-liking people.

Also, children's theater creeps me out, especially when adults play children's roles. I'm often so embarrassed for the actors that I can't concentrate on anything else.

Crash said...

TunaGirl: Your kids are two of the best behaved children I have ever met. They were a delight.