Wednesday, February 27, 2008


Sorry, but I've been busy with a conference and just work in general.

Anyway, I have been doing more reading.

Cabal - Clive Barker
Good, though I liked the short stories in this collection better that the novella, Cabal. Just me. The best one in the book was called, Life is Death, about a woman whose obsession with death turns her into a modern-day Typhoid Mary. Terrific.

Bourbon Street Blues - Greg Herren
Fun little mystery novel about a go-go boy who finds out about a fundamentalist plot to destroy New Orleans. He has to save the day with the help of a closeted FBI agent. I've only read a few of Herren's stories and some of the books he edited, and this makes me want to read more.

And the book that kept me up until nearly 2 AM last night:

Dexter in the Dark - Jeff Lindsay
I'm torn on this one. First, I love, love, love Lindsay's writing style. Alliteration, wit, dark, dark humor - it's all lovely. And I adore the two previous Dexter novels.

This one, however, is really more about the Dark Passenger, which Lindsay reveals to be not an unleashed part of Dexter's psyche, the dark reptilian part of himself that the rest of mankind has beaten into submission over time, but a supernatural force - the offspring of a demon - that merely inhabits Dexter. The delightful and daring Dexter has devolved into a demon's domicile? Disappointing.

Anway, I have a few more books to read while I'm out of town. Maybe there will be a winner.


Jess said...

Okay. That's enough. Come home. We miss you!

We're almost willing to make the ultimate sacrifice... coming to Astoria to see you. ;)

Alan said...

Hee hee. One of your reviews reminds me of the time when one of the authors you mention (and his cronies) went on a blog-jihad (a blo-had?) against me for daring to post a somewhat negative review of one of his books on my blog. It was slightly amusing, though slightly sad. I haven't bought another of his books since then, even though I thought they were diverting enough.

So be careful! Hell hath no fury like a gay author scorned. LOL

David said...

Nice use of alliteration there.