Monday, April 05, 2004

Too damn busy.

Quick weekend recap. Friday - rugby board meeting. Not too horrible. Dinner afterwards at a Chinatown restaurant. Ate these batter fried little fish. Heads and all. Very Fear Factor. Didn't puke.

Saturday - Rugby match. Arrived late, wasn't playing so no big deal. Our team lost, something to 3 (according to the coach, we lost by about half the points we lost to them by last time). Despite the loss, some of the best playing I've seen from our guys. Great fitness, too. Two hospital worthy injuries - Doug F. got his cheek slashed (nasty bloody). Yaz got his nose broken (maybe not, but it sure looked like it). Second game was very short, but the Gold side played well. Lots of new guys lost their rugby cherries.

Drink up was fun, but I wasn't really in the mood. Went home. Watched 'Gormenghast'. Read 'Man of My Dreams', a book of short stories about love lost and found. Went to bed.

Quick note about the book. Despite the hit or miss nature of books published by Kensington (with the exception of anything written by Famous Author Rob Byrnes which is always good), I actually liked the stories in 'Man of My Dreams'. Sure, they had that syrupy quality of romance novels mixed with the rough texture of skinmag porn, but that can be fun sometimes. The thing that I absolutely hate about Kensington books, however, is the cover art (and sorry, Rob, but that includes 'The Night We Met' . . . 'Trust Fund Boys' looks great, though). Often, it's just some picture of a couple of Chelsea boys frolicking. Other times, it is directly misleading as to the tone or subject of the book ('Uncle Max' is a perfect example of this. The cover makes it look like a light, frothy comedy. It's not.). But I did enjoy the stories, so I don't feel too bad about having bought the book (well, in point of fact, I just forgot to cancel this month's InsightOut selection).

Sunday - Brunch and drinks with Stuff at Chelsea Grill. Drinks with Stuff at the View. Drinks with Stuff at Splash. Semi-flirted with a French guy at Splash who invited me to come hang out with him in Montreal some time this summer. Hmmm.

Went home. Watched 'Beautiful Thing'. Went to bed without remembering to set the alarm.

Monday - really, really late to work.

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