Thursday, April 08, 2004


Let's say you decide to meet a friend . . . well, let's say a teammate, at a bar in Chelsea. And let's say you run into another teammate's roommate and two of the roommate's friends at the bar. And let's say one of the roommate's friends had sex with another one of your teammates who you think is the bee's knees and you would totally give your left nut to sleep with (assuming you have a left nut to give). And let's say everyone gets really sloppy drunk on the open bar. Further, let's assume that the roommate who slept with the teammate who you'd give your left nut to sleep with starts flirting with, hitting on, dry-humping, and otherwise messing around with you at the bar. And assume you think to yourself, "Well, messing around with him would be kind of hot and it's only one degree away from messing around with the teammate for whom I'd gladly give my left nut." And let's say, for instance, you wind up in the bathroom with said teammate's roommate's friend with him sitting on the sink, you between his thighs, his legs wrapped around your midsection, making out with him. And let's further postulate that later in the evening you find yourself giving him head in the bathroom while desperately praying that there are no hidden cameras and you won't have to face the indignity of seeing this on the internet in the near future.

And let's remember that you are really, really, really drunk.

Do you:

a) Go home and blog about it? Yes or no.

If yes, do you:

b) Wake up the next day absolutely mortified and delete said entry?

And if you decide to delete the entry, do you then explain the situation to your blogger friends when they ask why you deleted an entry?

Note, this is just a hypothetical. This did not happen to me tonight at Gstaad.

By the way, anybody know a good way to hide hickeys? I'm not saying; I'm just saying.

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