Monday, March 22, 2004

Surprisingly good end of the week.

Two celebrity sightings this weekend: Mo Rocca from The Daily Show and one of the Queer Eye guys. No, I don't know which one. It wasn't the cute young one or the really nelly one. One of the dark-haired ones.

(UPDATE: It was Kyan . . . thanks, Zenchick)

So here's the quick breakdown.

Thursday: Dinner with Will from my rugby team and also from Out of Bounds (an umbrella organization for all the glbt sports teams in the city). We ate at a place called Wild Ginger on Grove St. Amazing food. Beautiful restaurant. If I can ever get a date, I'll be using Wild Ginger as my date place.

After dinner we went to see Good Bye, Lenin, which I've been meaning to see for a couple of months and finally got around to. Very good movie. It's set in the late '80s. An East German woman falls intp a coma and misses the collapse of East Germany and the fall of the Berlin Wall. When she awakens, her doctor tells her son that any shock could kill her. Rather than tell her about the radical changes, he does everything in his power to convince her that nothing happened while she was unconscious.

Well, it doesn't sound funny when I describe it, but it was. And very touching. While it did spend a lot of time pointing out the problems of reunification and the trouble that people had adjusting, it is still very much a movie about the relationship between a young man and his mother.

I liked it. It didn't hurt that this guy is really cute (his picture doesn't do him justice, he was way cuter in the movie).

So, good dinner, good movie, good company. Just what I needed.

Friday: dinner with Toby, Joe, Turtle, and Doug. Red Lobster. Tacky, expensive, bad service; pretty much what you'd expect from middle-American dining. Company was good, though. After dinner, I was forced into the Hello Kitty store in Times Square. I have seen Hell and it is Japanese.

After that, I got together with Stuff and Will at the Web. I have seen Heaven and, ironically, it seems to be Japanese, too. Go figure. The place wasn't too crowded for a Friday night and Bruce the Bartender was mixing strong drinks, so a good time was had by all. They were also playing good music. The Web tends to be a little hit or miss in that department.

Saturday: worked the Out of Bounds table at the Gay Expo. Had dinner with Stuff at Spice on 8th Ave. Very good, fairly inexpensive Thai food. I'm definately going back there. Especially since it's only a block from my place.

Sunday: saw the Edward Hall production of A Midsummer Night's Dream at BAM. First of all, I love this play. Second, this was probably the best production of it I've seen. If you have time to get out there and see it, I highly recommend it.

The thing that really amazed me about the production is that the actors came downstairs during the intermission and sang a bunch of songs. Usually this is the only time the actors have to rest, especially in a play that runs nearly 3 hours long, but there they were performing some more. It was great. Plus they sang one of my favorite Irish songs, so I was in a grand mood by the time the intermission was over. And the play just kept getting better.

A couple of things about the show. The actor playing Bottom was the best I've ever seen play the role. It was an all male cast, which led to some giggling at first, then everyone seemed to settle down. In addition to the giant ass' ears, they gave Bottom a gigantic, um . . . endowment. Puck was awesome. The set design kind of put me off at first . . . it's kind of like lifeguard stands connected by rows of chairs (hard to describe) but it kind of worked. Interesting use of costumes; the general costume was white long-john looking things. The actors would add clothing as needed for their roles.

Again, well worth watching if you get a chance.

Sunday night, my plans fell through so I rented movies instead. I saw A Mighty Wind, which I've got to say was a bit of a disappointment. So many people were talking it up, but I thought Guffman and Best in Show were much better. Though I did like the 'Kiss at the End of the Rainbow' song. And I love Catherine O'Hara, so I'm pretty sure to like anything she does (except those insipid Home Alone movies).

The next one was Down With Love. Great movie. Very funny, especially if you're a fan of the old Rock Hudson/Doris Day movies. Just a cute, fun, silly, happy movie. Exactly what I needed. Plus, it had a terrific blooper real. And Ewan McGregor who is really hot, though I never really noticed how skinny he is. Legs like toothpicks.

I also rented Holes (which is not a porn movie). Normally this wouldn't be high on my list, but it looked cute and it got pretty good reviews when it came out. I'll be watching that tonight.

So that's it. Good entertainment weekend. Good hanging out with friends weekend. Hopefully, it will be a good week, too.

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