Monday, March 15, 2004

Good weekend. Went to Mom's house to see the new place. Liked it. Like the old place better, but Mom can't handle the stairs anymore. But it seems she's finally reconciled with the idea of having a hip replacement, so with any luck her mobility will be getting better.

I really hate watching my parents get old. Of course, it's better than the alternative.

One of the wonderful things about not watching TV is not having to watch commercials. Now at Mom's house, I watch TV. In fact, it seems I try to make up for all the TV I haven't seen by sitting slackjawed in front of the TV for hours after my folks have gone to bed.

It was during one of those slackjawed nights this weekend that I first saw the commercial for the new Dawn of the Dead. Barely slept that night. God, I hate zombies.

Anyway, after a very nice, relaxing weekend, I came home because I was planning to go to a teammate's birthday party. Turns out the party is next week. Instead I went out with Stuff and some of his friends. Went to the Hangar and Splash. Stuff managed to hook up with a couple of little twink boys. I just started feeling sorry for myself (and more than a little bit drunk), so I went home and ate pizza while watching Logan's Run. Which, by the way, is being remade. Why won't they leave old movies alone? Especially movies with zombies.

Anywho, pizza was good. Michael York was cute. I was depressed. Just another Sunday night at Casa de Crash.

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