Friday, October 07, 2005

Tee hee

Today's Savage Chickens cartoon made me laugh.

One of my roommates in grad school was one of the most malapropian sons-of-bitches in the world. He would then justify his use of the completely incorrect word by claiming that language was fluid and that his new use of the word simply added to the existing meaning of the word.

This justification used to drive me batshit crazy.

So when he wasn't around, I'd teabag his toothbrush.


Or am I?


myke said...

i kinda like your friends way of using language fluidly ... i think it's because i'm guilty of the same damned thing.

Tuna Girl said...

Ummm. What does "tea bagged" mean? I mean, I can imagine, and I bet I'm right, but just for comfirmation. ;-)

Jess said...

Oh, Tuna, how can you not know these things? Has Patrick taught you nothing?! Poor straight girl. :)

girl1872 said...

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Jess said...

Now, girl1872, everyone knows that Crash is already massively hung. The last guy he was with nearly choked to death trying to handle him. Unless by "improve", you meant to make it smaller. That might make sense in Crash's case.

(Don't you love comment spam?)

God of Biscuits said...

A friend and I made up the word "vocabulatenous".

Something colloidal and thick.