Monday, October 17, 2005

Days 14-16

Didn't do as much as I'd hoped. I did a little writing on Friday, just working on a scene that was stuck in my head rather than working on one of my ongoing plays. Saturday was a busy day (dim sum, a tech expo, dinner and a movie with some of the bloggers and pals) but I did manage to read A Lesson Before Dying by Romulus Linney. Good play, but I wish I'd seen it staged.

Sunday . . . well, technically I didn't do anything that counted under the dare, but I was trying desperately to get the apartment somewhat habitable for my guest who will be arriving tomorrow. Those of you who know me know that I'm basically the lost Collyer brother. So I'm trying to get things put away so I have room to break out the air mattress. Not a fun job.

Anyway, I can sort of claim that I did something on Sunday, because at long last, I have managed to get all of my theater and writing books unpacked and easy to get to. And frankly that goes a long way as far as helping me write. So, yeah, I guess it counts.

This week will be tough to stay on track, but I'll see what happens. Maybe I'll start writing on my lunch breaks.


mark said...

Wait, you JUST unpacked your books? ;)

I think it's great this challenge you've taken. Keep it up.

Jase said...

You can do it!

How fun it will to have a roommate eh? :) Wait.. are you doing an inspiried Odd Couple theatre piece?

God of Biscuits said...

I think you should spend your writing time today writing a haiku. (yes, Haikusdays are back :)

Jeff said...

Lunchtime writing is highly underrated. I enjoy it so much that sometimes I keep writing right through the rest of the day.

Oh now, it's not like I do anything important at work anyway.

Anonymous said...

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