Friday, October 07, 2005

Day 6 (continued)

So Absurd Person Singular was cute. Clever concept, like all of Ayckbourn's plays.

The play follows three couples at Christmas. Each of the three acts is set in a different couple's kitchen in a different consecutive year. As I said, typical Ayckbourn. He likes to play with location or with some other aspect of the play to make that the central conceit around which the play runs.

And it was fine. A good cast, Alan Ruck (Ferris Bueller, Spin City), Clea Lewis, Miereille Enos (who was in the recent Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf), Sam Robards, Deborah Rush (Strangers with Candy), and Paxton Whitehead.

Lots of funny bits, but ultimately a bit of a trifle. Worth seeing, mind you, but easily forgotten.

And while it has nothing to do with playwriting, I watched Harry and Max last night. Good movie. Interesting concept. A little disturbing, but I really enjoyed it. And Cole Williams is adorable. I had forgotten that he was in L.T.R. in Boys Life 4 (mostly because it wasn't very good). Still, it will be interesting to see where his talent takes him.


MzOuiser said...

You put us all to shame! I'll bet you can make your goal.

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