Thursday, October 13, 2005

Day 12

So last night I worked on one of my plays (and a few little odds and ends). I would have gotten more accomplished, but I watched Lost and went to bed really early. Good thing, as luck would have it, since a young, ethnic couple decided to have a screaming match at 5 a.m. in front of my building.

On the upside, since I was already awake, I managed to get to work an hour early today. Woo hoo.

Back to the plays, I've got to say that this experiment/dare/whatever to do something related to theater every day has been helpful. I've seen 8 shows so far this month (with another one planned for tonight) and I've read 5. Plus I've worked on two of my own. I feel like I'm moving forward for the first time in a while. Nice to have goals, even nicer to be steadily moving toward them.


mark said...

Glad to see you taking the "dare" seriously and getting things accomplished. Has to make you feel good.

Now I need to do the same....

Jase said...

That's awesome!

Just remember - All work and no play makes Homer something something!

Now I dare you to do something geeky this weekend! It's for your own good! ;)