Tuesday, October 18, 2005


Okay fine.


Christ on a cracker!
How can it possibly be?
The year will end soon.

How? Where has it gone?
Time flies when you're having fun.
Wait. Did I have fun?

Just the same old thing,
Day after day of work and
Night after night, too.

My mind in the past,
Future, or what might have been
Anywhere but now

No wonder time flew
Leaving me alone

So now a challenge:
Live in the moment, aware
That time is fleeting.


palochi said...

Or, in the immortal words of Richard O'Brian:

"Time is fleeting, madness takes control!"

mark said...

Christ on a Cracker?

Who have YOU been hanging around? ;)

God of Biscuits said...

And what do enemas have to do with Time?


Hi Crashie!

Crash said...

Time flies when you're getting an enema?

Jess said...

This is amusing and disturbing, all at once. :)

God of Biscuits said...

Have you MET Crash? -smirk-