Thursday, October 27, 2005

I like me! Right now I really like me!

As part of the new HR/benefits program designed by a bunch of consultants who've probably never worked at a real job in their entire lives, we are now required to write a self-evaluation of our work for the current year.

I was thinking of going the humble route, but fuck that. It occurs to me that my job gets steadily more complex and my pay remains maddeningly the same. So I'm about to write the most pro-me thing I've ever written.

But just to be on the safe side, I think I won't mention my ability to put up with bullshit, navel-gazing, burdensome administrative requirements that have nothing to do with my actual day-to-day job.

Wise move?

What kind of bullshit do you have to put up with in your job?

UPDATE: So do you think I'll get extra points for the sarcasm and pointed digs about how some employees who make more money are held to much lower standards than the rest of us? Or maybe the part where I said that no one has ever bothered to define what the expectations of my job are? This is probably not going to be a fun review.


Jess said...

Self-evaluation? Oh, please. More silly, time-wasting bull.

Besides, everyone knows you're fabulous!

MzOuiser said...

Ah, the Self-Eval! I'm the greatest employee here, you losers are lucky to have me. Or something like that.

And it sounds like after "Beowulf Superstar" you might have needed a little break from all that culture. You'll get back in the swing. Remember, others are living vicariously through you.

Kiss Patrick for me!

Jeff said...

What kind of bullshit *don't* I put up with at my job?

GS said...

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