Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Working out

I've been continuing my workouts with Stuff. We've been going to one of the NYSC's near Grand Central.

Let's review my progress thus far. Arms . . . sore. Legs . . . really sore. Hip . . . feels like I'm being stabbed by a knitting needle, but not all the time; just randomly. Back . . . sore. Shoulders . . . sore. Abs . . . sore.

Tonight is chest and triceps or something. Who knows? But whatever it is, it will be sore soon. We've also been doing 30 min or so of cardio (except last night, because Stuff was feeling lazy/tired . . . thank God).

I've also been making an effort to bring my lunch to work (saving money and empty calories). Today was a turkey and cheese sandwich, tomatoes, carrots and fruit. And I have my fridge filled with fresh fruit, veggies, and other low-cal snack food.

All in all, moving sluggishly in the right direction.

I'm sure it's just my imagination, but after two bicep workouts, I swear they've gotten bigger. Maybe . . . just maybe, I'll play in the East Coast Invitational this fall on our old boys' side (assuming we will have one). Part of me is really itching to get back on the rugby pitch.

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