Friday, August 19, 2005

I'm turning into one of those people

You know those people. The ones who write letters to the editor. The people who write their elected representatives. Or other peoples'. The ones who are constantly complaining about and to their government.

Well, it seems that I'm becoming one. I wrote an e-mail to the Parks Department to complain about Jase's ticket (They actually called me back). I wrote letters to the editor when newspapers ran insulting and misinformed articles about gay pride parades and the Harvey Milk High School (I was actually offered the chance to write an Op/Ed piece about Harvey Milk. I declined, but the newspapers printed my letters). Today I wrote to a city councilman in Denver who's trying to get a local rugby club thrown out of the city parks because of something two of their members did (not in the park, nor even the city or state). I wrote to Bill Frist to express my disappointment in his backing of the teaching of intelligent design in biology classes (not that I'm against intelligent design, but it isn't science and has no place being taught in science classes).

I write to my congressmen, senators, councilmen, state representatives and mayor several times a year when I agree or disagree with something they do.

Does it accomplish anything? No, probably not. One of the sad facts of a democracy is that the individual voice doesn't get heard.

But when I send a letter, perhaps it's just one of many. And those letters combined might accomplish something.

I'm not an activist. I'm just a grumpy guy with maybe a little too much time on his hands and an internet connection. But maybe I'm doing a little bit of good.


David said...

I love you for this, and many other things.

Jess said...

You'd be surprised by the amount of impact letters can have. Especially in these days of e-mail, paper letters really can make an impact.

Zenchick said...

your bitterness doesn't fool me...and you KNOW it makes a difference.
What if EVERYONE wrote a letter...and, conversely, what if NO ONE ever did?
Yeah, I'm a cheesy hippie optimist.
So sue me.

Zenchick said...

interesting contrast, too:
"Walk toward the light, you vicious, ignorant bitch."
I'm not judging...but you might want to write those letters to even out your karma :-)

David said...

Good for you. Now I know I'm in good company.

palochi said...

What David said.

I'm very glad there are people around like you.

And sometimes certain people do need to "walk towards the light" and be called on what exactly they are.

Karma doesn't come into play when the truth is spoken.

mark said...

I think we all should be like you and write more often.

Never know, we MIGHT get things accomplished more often if we did things in groups.

Jeff said...

You're not alone, hon. On numerous occasions in the last two or three years, I've felt compelled to get my inner Julia Sugarbaker on and let my elected representatives (and, on another occasion, Chief Justice Renquist) know when the lights went out in Georgia. I'm sure all it's gotten me is on some FBI list....

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