Saturday, March 22, 2008

No wonder he can hit those high notes

I saw a production of The Man of La Mancha this week that included an anal rape scene which I am fairly confident was not in the original production.

O . . . kay.

Anyway, the whole blogging every day thing hasn't gone that well, but then, I'm either at work or at the theatre, so I find myself with little time to do this. That said, I'm half-seriously considering joining David's content challenge on the 24th where you pledge to blog every day during the challenge or risk being heaped with scorn.

Mmmm . . . heaped with corn.

Oh wait, scorn. No that's not nearly as yummy.


Jess said...

An anal rape scene? Yeah, that may be a recent addition!

Jeff said...

Heaped with porn? What?

Yeah, I thought about taking David's challenge myself, but then realized it would be nothing but pictures of my pets, day after day.