Sunday, March 23, 2008

Day by Day

So in true theatre fag fashion, I celebrated Easter today by watching Godspell.

Victor Garber . . . yummy. And he only gets better as he ages.

So although Godspell is somewhat light on resurrection, I still feel like I got my religion in for the year.

Remembering that Lynne Thigpen died not long ago (actually, it's been over 5 years . . . tempus freakin' fugate), I decided to look up the cast of Godspell on IMDB. Time has not treated them well. Nor the playwright. Sad.

The funny thing is, I remember seeing that movie for the first time as a kid and being struck by how weird they were acting (because I'd never seen grownups act that silly) and how cool New York looked (especially the scene on top of the World Trade Center . . . that's probably part of why I live here now . . . at least more so that say The Warriors). Now I'm amazed at how very young the cast looked.

Well, now I'm off to continue my Easter worship by watching Annie . . . which is religious because . . . um . . . it's . . .

Screw you, don't judge me.


Jess said...

Victor Garber is yummy, but I'm amazed to see you holding such a view. I thought he was about 45 years out of your preferred age range. ;)

Lee said...

LOL! I watched part of "Godspell" as well since I hadn't seen it in ages. I wonder how many thumpers would love to know that the guy playing Jesus (Garber) is gay?

Yeah, the cast was SO young, I had a young crush on the actor who played Judas and I thought that was Thipen.