Saturday, March 08, 2008

Bloody good day

Got up early and got some stuff done at the house. Went to a short play festival (saw 18 plays). Went and saw another show in the evening. Saw an actor I know who was seeing the same show, so we went out for drinks after.

Fun, fun, fun. The plays were generally good, and hanging with the actor was great.

Good weekend so far.

And there's still two episodes of Torchwood to watch before I go to bed.

I ask you, does life get any better?


Jess said...

But what's this about it being a bloody day? Did you get hurt?! I hope not!

You'd better be careful about all those plays you're seeing. Too much of that will make you gay!

Peter said...

You never know, and... tomorrow you can start fresh allover again ;)

Lee said...

When the new episodes of Battlestar and Dr. Who start to air again and The Sarah Jane Adventures begins to air in this country!

Oh, and when Brad Pitt and Matt Damon become my friends with benefits! ;-)