Thursday, June 03, 2004

I'm home. And I'm exhausted. I'll post all the fun stuff later. But for now, here are the highlights.

Having the drunk girl behind me on the plane, when asked by the flight attendant if she'd like the chicken or the beef for dinner, ask what the difference was. Well, Einstein, I imagine that one of them features chicken as the entree and the other one beef. But, hey, I could be wrong.

Meeting Sherry, Dan and Stairs in Cambridge. Best day of the whole trip.

Having our B-side team make it to the finals. Even though we lost in overtime, it was by far the most exciting match of the entire tournament.

Seeing a player hit a ref, who then red carded him (rightly so). This was followed by his team flipping her off and yelling at ther, her calling the game and the team being disqualified from the tournament.

Nearly getting into a bar fight. No one gets into bar fights at the gay bars in New York. Hanging out with the London Steelers is interesting to say the least.

Spending three hours wandering around the National Portrait Gallery.

Spending two hours wandering around a very, very minute portion of the British Museum.

Seeing Diana Rigg in 'Suddenly Last Summer'.

Watching one of my teammates pick up an internationally known porn star at the airport.

Not having to think about work or anything else for a whole week.

Bangers and mash, my new comfort food of choice.

Welsh guys. Well, one in particular.

Kilts. Lots and lots of kilts.

Having the Queen come to our opening party and having my picture taken with her. Okay, she was just an impersonator, but still.

Making sweet, sweet monkey love with Ben Cohen and Jonny Wilkinson. Well, okay, that didn't really happen, but a boy can dream.

Cider. Every bar, restaurant and club served cider. I must have had at least four or five per day.

Anyway, I'm still slogging through e-mails and it's time for lunch, so I'll write more about the trip later.

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