Thursday, June 03, 2004

Another meme. Because I am secure enough in my individuality to be just like everyone else.

10 Bands/Singers You've Seen Live:

1. Pansy Division
2. Three Dog Night
3. America
4. Jimmy Buffett
5. Michael Bolton (don't judge me)
6. Phil Collins
7. Sting
8. Tito Puente and Celia Cruz
9. Pinetop Perkins
10. Johnny Lang

9 Things You're Looking Forward To:

1. A haircut
2. Fall rugby season
3. Fixing my computer
4. Hanging out with Mike
5. Dating . . . someday . . . please God
6. Rearranging my apartment
7. Seeing the new Harry Potter movie
8. Keeping in touch with some of the guys I met this weekend
9. Going back to Europe, hopefully soon

8 Things You Wear Daily:

1. Boxer-briefs
2. My Faux-vado watch
3. My Buddhist ring
4. My Celtic ring
5. My Virgin Mary medal
6. Glasses
7. Footwear of some type
8. A look of annoyance

7 Things That Annoy You

1. Children
2. Tourists
3. Bad breath
4. Body odor
5. High-pitched noises
6. Bicycle messengers
7. Oblivious fucks on their cell phones

6 Things You Touch Every Day

1. My tooth brush
2. My beard
3. My cell phone
4. My books
5. My bed
6. Myself . . . in that way that makes Jesus weep

5 Things You Do Every Day

1. Shower
2. Go to the bathroom
3. Eat
4. Worry
5. See number 6 above.

4 Of Your Favorite Bands or Musicians

1. The Eagles
2. Mary Chapin Carpenter
3. Johnny Lang
4. Indigo Girls

3 Movies You Could Watch Over and Over

1. Priscilla, Queen of the Desert
2. Billy Elliot
3. Beautiful Thing

2 Of Your Favorite Songs At This Moment

1. It Sucks to Be Me (from Avenue Q)
2. Rainbow Connection (as sung by a bunch of drunk bloggers)

1 Person You Could Spend The Rest of Your Life With

1. Yeah, right.


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