Monday, May 14, 2007

Will work for cash

So having not gotten the job I wanted and having not heard back from the other company since my last interview, I've started really heating up the job search. I sent out six resumes in the last couple of days.

My new pet peeve: the way job listings rarely have the salary range listed. It seems like a waste of time for me to apply for a job only to find out it's a quarter of what I'm making now.

Ah, well.

Anyway, the job listing I replied to today is for a major sports association. It would be funny getting that job as I know nothing about the sport in question. However, the job responsibilities don't require me to.

Keep your fingers crossed; this could be a good one.


Peter said...

At least you're not sitting in the street with a cardboard sign 'Will work for cash'

I'll keep my fingers crossed, you need a new job and a new chair!

Andy said...

I urged my last company to put the salary range in job listings, but they weren't interested. I think they thought that when they said "Commensurate with Experience" that our salaries actually were. Oh well. That's partly why it's my *last* company.

Dantallion said...

I'm hiring. But you have to speak and write French fluently. Salary to be discussed.