Thursday, May 24, 2007


Because I'm lazy, I'm just cutting and pasting from David. If anyone is interested in seeing the show on Saturday night (so far the response has been underwhelming), let me know. If I don't get more than a couple of people, I'm just going to bail and go to Marie's with the cool kids.

Here is the schedule as it stands as of 4:45 EST (As with any event, the dates, times, locations and listed performers are all subject to change):

Friday 9PM:
Cocktails at Therapy in Hell's Kitchen, 348 West 52nd Street.

Saturday 2PM-6PM:
Central Park picnic on Bear Hill above the roller-disco near the flagpole.
Live DJs, wacky NYC characters, no alcohol allowed (but plenty consumed; suggestions: white wine in Sprite bottles, thermos margaritas, etc.)
Bear Hill is just west of the bandshell. Enter at 72nd Street (East or West).

Theater Night:
Crash from Crash and Byrne will be going to see Too Much Light Makes the Baby Go Blind, The Kraine Theater, 85 East 4th Street, Between 2nd & 3rd Avenue @ 10:30 PM
The tickets are $11-16 each (depends on the dice roll, read more here).
After the hour long show, he will hit the East Village gay bars, probably Urge and Eastern Bloc.

Saturday Late Night:
The NYC Eagle's rooftop bar in Chelsea at 554 West 28th Street.


Marie's Crisis at 59 Grove Street, New York's infamous piano bar.

Sunday Beer Bust Blarg Hop:
Beginning at the Dugout at 5pm, we will haul our sodden butts up 8th Avenue with hour-long ssshtops at Gym Bar, Rawhide, View Bar, finishing at the Eagle at 9PM.
You may wish to take a cab from Dugout to Gym Bar.


David said...

I'm interested in the show, but I also want to be able to join Mark and Brian at Marie's Crisis.

Peter said...

Wishing you all a nice weekend!

greggoryk said...

For some reason this makes me wish I didn't live on Maui. I know poor poor me right? :)I am posting as greggoryk but this is scottk from Life with Lola