Thursday, May 03, 2007

Silly me

In a fit of drunken exuberance, I agreed to play rugby this weekend. I haven't played since November . . . and that nearly killed me.

Anyway, the weather should be nice and there will be paramedics on hand.

At least some of the guys we're playing are cute. That makes the incentive to tackle them much greater.

By the way, the team raised about $15,000 at the auction last night. Great work! And thanks to David and Patrick for joining me.


Jess said...

When we spoke earlier this week, I meant to ask you if you were going to play. But then I figured you'd have mentioned it. Plus, you probably wouldn't subject yourself to that! :)

Well, seeya Saturday!

BTW, did Patrick win anyone?

PatCH said...

I won everyone.

David said...

Better you than me. I'd say break a leg, but...