Friday, May 11, 2007

Hand me my shawl

The woman who sits across from me spends a great deal of time talking about her love/dating life. Loudly. Currently she's talking about this old guy who she's been seeing and how he's just too old for her.

A few moments ago, she mentioned just how old he is. He was born the same year I was.



David said...

I'm assuming the "ouch" refers to the pain in your hand after you bitch-slapped her. Yes?

David said...

Age is only a number. Or a variable.

Peter said...

The picture I saw of you on the rugby website looked pretty good, my kind of guy.

Age is just whst you make of it.

[I hope you bitch-slapped her]

Lee said...

I hope you slapped her silly!!

Homer said...

In contrast, why do 20-year-old guys want to date me? This perplexes me greatly.

Jalal said...

Dude you need to shift focus.

People talking about themselves incessantly. Irritating.

Your age, no matter what it is. Perfect.

Robert said...

Ahaha, that's funny!

Umm, okay, I'm smiling just a little! :-/