Monday, May 07, 2007

Good thing it wasn't a beauty contest

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So here we are. The old boys. The alumni. Or Gotham Silver, which is, I guess, our official designation.

We're old. We're out of shape. But we won.


Brian said...

Yay for winning!

Dantallion said...

Good on y'all - congrats.

Marc said...

Old - not quite; out of shape, well perhaps in comparison to some of them, but not all...and besides, you got to eat at Veselka afterward...I'll bet none of the rest did! :-)

Tuna Girl said...

Winning is all that matters.

Oh, wait. Did I say that? what I meant was as longa s you had fun and got good exercise, that's all that matters. yeah. that's it.

;-) You look good!

Zeitzeuge said...

Older? Out of shape? Maybe, but still quite the hot group you got there. :)

Sam said...

They're obviously in total lust with me.