Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Resistance is futile

Oh, give me a home
Where the sci-fi geeks roam
And the Borg and the Peacekeepers play
Where Babylon 5
Is forever alive
And it's always Colonial Day

Home, home at the Con
Where a costume is just de rigueur
Watch vampires pounce
And George Takei flounce
While surrounded by Southern grandeur

Yes, I am that much of a geek. I'm already planning to attend a party for GLBT Star Trek fans, a Q&A with George Romero and Sam Raimi (even with my whole zombie thing), and (frak me) President Gaius Baltar's State of the Fleet Address. I'm even toying with going to the Buffy the Vampire Slayer Senior Prom.

I suppose I should give up the hope of ever getting laid again and should move into my parent's basement. Thank God they have room for my graphic novels and action figures.

See you in a week or so. Live long and prosper.


Lee said...

Aaron is also heading there! I wish I could go too since the line-up of people is wonderful. Oh, well! Maybe next year.

Alan said...

Don't forget your bat'leth!

Zeitzeuge said...

Are you taking Palochi as your date?

Zeitzeuge said...

Are you taking Palochi as your date?

Robert said...

What kinda action figures do you have? Well, besides the obvious [Star Trek, Star Wars, etc.]! heh!

Happy Thursday, from one nerd to another. haha!

David said...

You might want to leave your penis at home, since you won't be using it.

scottk said...

Babylon Five rocks dude. And I am still ashamed of the fact that I have no idea how Katherine Janeway and her crew got home ( I missed the final episode ;(

Castle of Stink said...

It just makes you hotter in my opinion... Maybe you'll hook up with Adam Baldwin!!!!

I was almost there, but scheduling... look for me next year!!!

Jess said...

Oh David, that was cold!

You have a lovely time there, Crashy! Give Aaron a crushing bear hug for me.

Jalal said...

Get a Cardasian Uniform!

Some people get very happy looking at it.

And by that I mean me!

Yes, yes, I am lame! Forgive me!

Patrick said...

Hey...even Treki nerds like sex!

Hope you breached a few warp cores.