Tuesday, August 15, 2006

My Year Sunday of New Things

As a nod to Erik's blog, I've decided to list the handful of new things I did Sunday.

1) Ate chicken feet at the Golden Palace while having dim sum with Jase, Brian and Patrick.

2) Went to Coney Island and walked the boardwalk.

3) Had pizza at Grimaldi's in Brooklyn.

4) Walked across the Brooklyn Bridge.

It was a great weekend.


Homer said...

Chicken feet? Was Sally Struthers in the background filming a "Save a Crash and Byrne" commercial?

palochi said...

Chicken feet? Ew.

Sherry said...

EEEEEEUUUUUUUUUUU. Not chicken feet. That's disgusting.

Erik said...

I love dim sum, but I haven't had dim sum yet on my year of new things--I've never eaten chicken feet, but you've dropped the gauntlet! I'll have to eat some before the end of the year.

So...how were they?

Crash said...

Homer, Palochi, Sherry: Don't knock 'em till you try 'em.

Erik: Frankly, once you get over the whole "chicken feet" concept, they're okay. They're like the very tip of the chicken wing, nothing but skin and bones. But the skin is tasty, depending on how it is prepared. These were in a spicy brown sauce.

They weren't the best thing I've ever had at dim sum, but they weren't bad.

Schrodinger's Dog said...

I can't say I've ever had chicken feet. I've had pig's feet though... tasty!

Love the blog by the way, I hate it when people are funny and articulate and make me feel inferior... :)

Crash said...

S Dog: If you met me in person you'd know that I, like Frankenstein's monster, am more to be pitied than hated.

Sherry said...

Crash, that is such a big lie. I have met you in person and you are funny and articulate.

Tuna Girl said...

Crash, Crash, Crash.

According to my Air Force Wife Handbook, the proper response to any compliment is: "Thank you."


Crash said...

Sherry: You're sweet.

Tuna: As soon as you find me an Air Force husband, I'll act like an Air Force wife. Though, I really doubt that I'd be able to keep up with you. (BTW, I enjoyed your blogathon entries)

Robert said...

Chicken feet and tripe and all that jazz from dim sum, I love 'em all!! You're the man, am glad that you tried it... now you can say either you like it or that you'll never eat it again!

Happy Wednesday Crash!

Sherry said...

Eeuuuuu, you ate tripe as well?

I laughed out loud at the image I have in my mind of you being an AF wife!

scottk said...

*** once you get over the whole chicken feet concept*** Ok that sounds like it was a lot easier to write than do. How in the hell does one get over the fact that he is putting a chicken's foot in his mouth? Do you know where that foot has been ?? I guess you can tell I won't be "trying" them soon . :)