Monday, July 10, 2006

Pop Quiz

Pick up your pens and open your blue books. This essay will count for one fourth of your semester grade.

Essay topic: Crash, fed up with the job search and dealing with all the bullshit at work, has decided to start applying for Ph.D programs. Is he insane? Be sure to use examples to justify your opinion (good starting points are the fact that students can't afford to pay rent and his rapidly advancing age).

Okay. At first, I just started looking into local Ph.D programs as sort of a 'one of these days I'll go back'. Then I couldn't come up with a decent reason not to do it now. I mean, if I apply now, I won't be starting until Fall 2007 anyway. And when I bounced the idea off my folks, they were really excited.

Is this really something I can do? I am terrified by change.

And, on a different note, a while back Rick posted some questions for me to answer. Then he went of vacation, so I held off answering. Those of you who read his blog (and you all should, he's a good writer) know what happened next. As you can imagine, I haven't felt that I should hurry and answer his questions. Now that he's back, I will. I'll post them tomorrow.


palochi said...

Does this mean we can start calling you "The Doctor?"

Jess said...

Doctor Crash has a nice ring to it!